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String Me Along Signed Paperback

String Me Along Signed Paperback

This listing is for one signed paperback of String Me Along


**Swag is included, but please be aware that it will differ for each shipment depending on what I have on hand.

Unless personalization is requested, I will only sign my name.


(This is a standalone, rivals to lovers, slowburn romance in the Learning to Love Series. Although it is not necessary, it is recommended to read Meet Me Halfway first.)

Between moving across the country to help her best friend and building her music career from scratch, Layla is pretty dang proud of what she’s accomplished.

She’s booked every weekend, and her name is quickly becoming well known in the area.

So it comes as a shock when her booking agent slowly stops calling her. That is, until she runs into the musician who’s been stealing her gigs.

She can’t deny he has a voice to die for and the body of a god, but neither helps the fact that his personality is pure poison.

Their exchanges never fail to boil her blood, but it’s a game she starts to look forward to, and she’s determined not to back down first.

She always thought she wanted the sweet love she sings about. But with every quick-tongued remark and heated glance, she realizes sweet might not burn the way she needs.

And what better way to stoke a fire than with a little bit of hate.


    Returns and exchanges are not accepted, but if you have any problem with your order(s), please let me know.


    Orders will be shipped via USPS within 1-3 business days.

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