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Into the Wonder Dark

The Wonder Dark Series, Book 1

Everyone knows the story about the girl who followed the white rabbit. The one who fell down a hole into a land full of curious adventure.

But you see, this tale isn’t like that. Because in this one, when Adelais finds the white rabbit, it’s already dead. Just like every person in the land it takes her to.

And although there are many wondrous creatures lurking in the Wood, they’re far more interested in carving out her heart than offering her tea.

In a world with missing souls and a ruler painted in blood, Adelais knows she shouldn’t trust anyone. Especially Terek, the man cloaked in shadows and blades, who always seems to know when she’s around.

But when the Crimson Queen puts a bounty on Adelais’s soul, Terek might just be the only person in the entire Underland who can protect her.

From everyone…but himself.

Pre-Order the eBook now!
Current release date is December 31, 2023, but I am working to release this several months sooner as long as no hiccups arise!

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