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Learning to Love Series

Two Full-Length Standalone Novels, Plus Two Novellas!

Interconnected Standalone​ #1

Madison gave her heart to a boy at the age of sixteen, but all she got in return was a broken heart and a swollen belly.


Alone with a baby and desperate for the love and affection she hadn’t found, she turned to a man who sealed his claim of devotion with a diamond ring.


He promised her a family. A life. A future. But his lies had only been a cover for the personal hell he introduced her to daily.


Now, at twenty-five, Madison has long since stopped believing in love. Balancing single parenthood, three jobs, and online courses, she doesn’t have the time anyway.


So when the broody neighbor living in the other side of her duplex leaves a rude note on her door, she’s not interested.


Not in his dark hair, not in his physique, and definitely not in the dimples she’s only seen a hint of. She’s one hundred percent, absolutely, not interested.


Not even a little.​


**Check content warning page.

Short Holiday Novella

Madison woke up thinking it would be a piece of cake to meet Garrett's mother. She made him like her, after all.


But the closer they get to Garrett’s childhood home, the more doubt starts to creep in.


She knows as well as anyone that mothers can be protective of their children. And as a divorced, single mother, the only thing Madison has to offer Garrett is her heart.


And she’s not sure if that’ll be enough for the woman who raised him.


Which could pose a problem, given the Christmas gift she has hidden in her suitcase for him.


Standalone Novella

He was many things. A barkeep, a friend, an artist, a lover. But one thing he was not, was monogamous.

He didn’t date. Didn’t believe in tying himself down to only one person to touch and taste for the rest of his life.

But then she walks up to his bar. With pink hair, thick curves, and a sarcastic humor that keeps him on his toes, she sparks something in him.

Making him question…EVERYTHING.

He's the definition of a man she should run from. Dark hair, tattoos, and a smile that instantly has her squeezing her thighs together.

After just leaving a failed relationship, she's not looking to jump into another. But when he invites her home and offers her a deal, she can't help but accept.

Then he gives her a safeword and opens her eyes, and she knows she's in trouble.

Because by the end of the night, she fears she'll want…EVERYTHING.

**Author's Note: All books in the Meet Me Halfway series are standalones. This story centers around Nate, a character introduced in Book One. Check content warning page.


Interconnected Standalone #2

Between moving across the country to help her best friend and building her music career from scratch, Layla is pretty dang proud of what she’s accomplished.

She’s booked every weekend, and her name is quickly becoming well known in the area.

So it comes as a shock when her booking agent slowly stops calling her. That is, until she runs into the musician who’s been stealing her gigs.

She can’t deny he has a voice to die for and the body of a god, but neither helps the fact that his personality is pure poison.

Their exchanges never fail to boil her blood, but it’s a game she starts to look forward to, and she’s determined not to back down first.

She always thought she wanted the sweet love she sings about. But with every quick-tongued remark and heated glance, she realizes sweet might not burn the way she needs.

And what better way to stoke a fire than with a little bit of hate.

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