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Meet Me Halfway Signed Paperback

Meet Me Halfway Signed Paperback

This listing is for one signed paperback of Meet Me Halfway.


*Swag is included, but please be aware that it will differ for each shipment depending on what I have on hand.


Unless personalization is requested, I will only sign my name.



Madison gave her heart to a boy at the age of sixteen, but all she got in return was a broken heart and a swollen belly.

Alone with a baby and desperate for the love and affection she hadn’t found, she turned to a man who sealed his claim of devotion with a diamond ring.

He promised her a family. A life. A future. But his lies had only been a cover for the personal hell he introduced her to daily.

Now, at twenty-five, Madison has long since stopped believing in love. Balancing single parenthood, three jobs, and online courses, she doesn’t have the time anyway.

So when the broody neighbor living in the other side of her duplex leaves a rude note on her door, she’s not interested.

Not in his dark hair, not in his physique, and definitely not in the dimples she’s only seen a hint of. She’s one hundred percent, absolutely, not interested.

Not even a little.

**This book is intended for readers who are 18 and older. Please read through the content warnings in the menu above.**


    Returns and exchanges are not accepted, but if you have any problem with your order(s), please let me know.


    Orders will be shipped via USPS within 1-3 business days.

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