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The Crystal Island Series, Book Two
Estimated release November 2022

Her soul was a flame.

A raging inferno they didn’t understand.

She could let them smother it, or she could show them just how hot she can burn.

Vera had always hoped to one day leave Matherin. To travel the world and escape a life that was never meant for her.

Bhasura would have everything she could ever want. Freedom, respect, family, and her mate. Her aitanta.

But behind the island’s beautiful cities and smiling citizens, she can hear the lies poisoning their stories.

She wants to believe it's all in her head, but a dark anger starts to grow inside her, and she can't ignore the feeling that something is wrong.

Something besides the vivid dreams that plague her sleep the moment she sets foot on the island.


String Me Along

Meet Me Halfway Series
Coming early 2023

It's just a little bit of hate.

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