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The Crystal Island Series, Book Two
Releasing November 29, 2022

As previously stated, I had to postpone this release to make several large changes to the manuscript.

However, in doing so, Untamed ended up being twice as long as the first manuscript of it. She was thiccc

Because of that, I did end up deciding to cut the book into two. This means that instead of three books, the series will be four.

I’m a sucker for all books in a series to be about the same size. It’s so aesthetically pleasing on a shelf♥︎

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String Me Along

Interconnected Standalone in the Meet Me Halfway Series
Releasing May 30, 2023

Between moving across the country to help her best friend and building her music career from scratch, Layla is pretty dang proud of what she’s accomplished.

She’s booked every weekend, and her name is quickly becoming well known in the area.

So it comes as a shock when her booking agent slowly stops calling her. That is, until she runs into the musician who’s been stealing her gigs.

She can’t deny he has a voice to die for and the body of a god, but neither helps the fact that his personality is pure poison.

Their exchanges never fail to boil her blood, but it’s a game she starts to look forward to, and she’s determined not to back down first.

She always thought she wanted the sweet love she sings about. But with every quick-tongued remark and heated glance, she realizes sweet might not burn the way she needs.

And what better way to stoke a fire than with a little bit of hate.